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MAY 15-17, 2015









The sixteenth annual Great U.S. 50 Yard Sale will be held Friday-Sunday, May 15-17, 2015.  The yard sale started in 2000, stretching across most of Indiana.  The goal is for it to grow into a Coast-to-Coast event held each year on the weekend before the Memorial Day weekend.  The Great U.S. 50 Yard Sale also serves to promote tourism along U.S. 50, to unite the many diverse communities, to provide opportunities for fund raising by civic organizations, to aid the environment through recycling,  and to serve as an opportunity for individuals to enjoy a great weekend of sales.

While promoted as a yard sale, the actual sales are limited only by the imagination and law.  Individual communities and businesses along U.S. 50 are encouraged to have special promotions during this weekend.  Vendors, especially antique and craft dealers, from all over the U.S. are welcome to join us.

This is a non-sponsored event, meaning that it is not promoted by any particular organization, but represents the efforts of volunteers and those who wish to promote their communities.  As such, the nature of the sale will vary along the route.  U.S. 50 is Constitution Avenue in Washington, DC.  It is Wyatt Earp Blvd in Dodge City, Kansas.  It crosses mountains and deserts, as well as farm land.  In some communities U.S. 50 is now a super highway and the sale route might follow Old 50.  With such diversity, many decisions will have to be made at the local level. The best source for specific and up-to-date information is to follow the Connect-to-County links.

The official yard sale is over three days.  There are no set hours.  (If you have ever had a yard sale, you know that advertising set hours never works).  Also, given the nature of yard sales (and the history of last year), it is probable that many individual households will not decide to participate until just a day or two before the sale dates.  The best option for buyers is to locate a participating county and then just head down the road.

IMPORTANT:  Please note that all sales are subject to local laws.  Also, no one is to set-up, sell, nor park on the state right-of-way at any time.  U.S. 50 is both the Loneliest Road in America and an extremely busy highway.  Safety is a primary concern.  All sellers should allow for parking and everyone should avoid being on the state right-of-way.


The National Coordinator for the U.S. 50 Yard Sale is Tom Taylor of North Vernon, Indiana.   totaylor@seidata.com   While the sale is still in its infancy, last yearıs experience showed if you build it, they will come.  A key to making this sale a success is to let people know it exists.  Please forward the  www.route50.com  site to friends.

Media outlets are encouraged the include information about the yard sale in their broadcasts/publications.  Merchants along U.S. 50 are encouraged to post signs advertising the event.  Especially desired would be volunteers willing to receive some flyers via e-mail and then to print and distribute them, either by posting them in a community or having them available as handouts in a shop.  Contact   totaylor@seidata.com   if you want some flyers.  You do not need permission to spread the word, as all publicity is welcome as a key to the event's success.


The nature of such a large event requires the need for coordination on a local level.  The word coordination is perhaps too large as the person is more of an information source than a coordinator.  Businesses, organizations, and individuals set up their own sales and the coordinator really has no responsibility in those areas.

 The primary responsibilities of a County Coordinator are:

1.  Help advertise and promote the sale within the county

2.  If there are needed decisions relative to local needs, make those decisions. (Examples: U.S. 50 is now a bypass, so a decision is made to follow Old 50. or a small community wishes to have a community-wide yard sale, as opposed to limiting it just to U.S. 50.)

3.  Serve as a contact for two groups of people - Those from out of town looking for selling space and locals with space to rent along U.S. 50.  (The easiest thing is  just to keep a list of those with space to rent, either on a web page or where it can be quickly e-mailed back.  The coordinator is not involved in setting prices nor any other aspect of deal making other than just providing information about who is willing to rent space.)

4.  Answer e-mailed questions from those seeking information.

5.  Contact local law enforcement a week before the sale and ask that they help patrol the route during the sale, particularly factors related to safety.

It is essential that a local coordinator be on e-mail.  It would be ideal if the coordinator could have a web page where information could be listed as to known sales sites, contact information for those offering space for rent, hotel/motel information, and restaurant information.  This, however, is ideal - not required.


Ideal candidates for county coordinators would be local tourism officials, local newspapers, local radio stations, antique stores, etc.  Media are welcome to become a local sponsor and use the event for their own promotional purposes.  This stated, we also welcome individual community-spirited citizens who just want to help.

If no coordinator is listed for your county and you want more information about becoming the coordinator, contact < totaylor@seidata.com >.


The Great U.S. 50 Yard Sale is a perfect opportunity for schools, churches and civic organizations to make money.  It can also be coordinated with other community activities into an overall theme.

1.  Recycling -  Many communities have spring recycling days.  The most environmentally friendly type of recycling is for the item to be put to a new use by someone else.   If your community has a recycling day, why not schedule it the week after the sale?  Rather than taking a working stove to the landfill, try selling it first.

2.  Business Promotions - U.S. 50 remains the Main Street of many communities in America.  Perhaps the local Chamber of Commerce can encourage sidewalk sales and other promotions during the Great U.S. 50 Yard Sale.  Motels and Restaurants can also run special promotions for the sale weekend.

3.  The Yard Sale as Fund Raiser -  It is likely that there will be out-of-town sellers looking for places to set-up.  A school, church, or civic organization can locate a large parking lot or field and set-up space for vendors.  This space could be rented out for the weekend.  If you gathered enough vendors, you could also charge a small fee for parking or for entry.
(This fee is not taxed or usable for  a tax deduction it goes straight to you wallet.)

The Great U.S. 50 Yard Sale is generally free, but most potential buyers would be willing to pay a dollar or two parking/entry fee if they knew there were, say, 100 vendors in one spot.  If the local Band Boosters can attract 100 vendors and charge them, say, $30 set-up fee for the weekend, that is $3,000.  If 2,000 people visit and pay $2 entry fee each, that is another $4,000.  The organization earns $7,000 that weekend.  It is less time involvement than a month-long candy sale and 100% of the proceeds stay with the organization.  

The money made by the boosters may or may not be taxed before arriving at it's final destination. You may have to check any online tax preparation programs to be completely sure of this.

4. Sowing Seeds -  The Great U.S. 50 Yard Sale attracts visitors along a route they might otherwise not travel.  Having once visited, it is likely that many will want to return at other times of the year.  This is a great opportunity for communities and businesses to have promotional materials available for distribution.


The fun of The Great U.S. 50 Yard Sale is that it can include the sale of anything legal.  Each seller is in charge of his/her own sales site.  In many ways, the U.S. 50 Yard Sale could best be described as ³regular yard sales, but everybody having them the same day.  The following additional information may be helpful-

1.  Safety and the Law -  All sellers must abide by local laws regarding such sales.  All sellers should also consider safety, being particularly careful about providing off- road parking for buyers.  No one is allowed to sell, nor park on state right-of-way.

2.  Individuals Living Along U.S. 50 -  Persons selling in their own yards are not required to do anything (subject to local law) other than arrange their own sale for May 15-17, 2015.  As a courtesy, however, it would be nice to contact the County Coordinator so that she/he has some sort of idea of where sales will be located.

3.  Businesses -  As with individuals, businesses do not need permission to participate in this event, but are encouraged to help promote the U.S. 50 Yard Sale by referring to it by name in any related advertisements.  They are also encouraged to inform the County Coordinator of their efforts so that she/he will have that information.  Local antique shops are particularly encouraged to coordinate with one another and to help to promote this event.

4.  Sellers from Out of Town Needing Space -  You are first encouraged to check the Connect-to-County list to find participating areas within your region.  Please check this regularly as the list will change weekly all the way up to sale week.  You should then contact the appropriate County Coordinator to ask for a list of individuals/clubs/ businesses offering space for rent.  You may then directly contact those offering space.

5.  Sellers Living Near U.S. 50 -  One lesson learned from last year was that many people who lived from a block to a couple miles off U.S. 50 wanted to participate in the sale, but did so by erecting signs such as Yard Sale, Three Blocks South.  While persons are welcome to do this, experience shows that  many buyers, particularly out-of-town buyers, focus on making a ³straight run² on U.S. 50 and do not go to these side sales.  We welcome all sellers - the more sellers to more buyers who will come.  This stated, we also believe most sellers will benefit by finding space on U.S. 50.


The nature of this event is such that it is impossible to provide anyone with a list of sales prior to the sale dates.  Many sales will be held by individual families in their own yards and they do not need permission of the organizers to participate.  The best advice for buyers is to go to the Connect-to-County page.  Locate a county that has a coordinator and click the link to that person to ask for information about that countyıs participation.   It was this writerıs experience last year (the second year of the sale) to travel a twenty-five mile section of U.S. 50, not knowing what to expect.  What was found was 75+ sales, including several sites with multiple vendors.  (There was another stretch of about fifteen miles where I found no sales.)  

While the sale route will generally follow U.S. 50, it may detour in specific communities to follow the Old Route or for other routes.  Where communities make such changes, it is anticipated they will post signs.

Please remember to park safely and never park on state right-of-way.


This list will be updated weekly.  For information about becoming a County Coordinator, contact Tom Taylor < totaylor@seidata.com >.  Join the fun, volunteer, and have your community included.

To get more information about The Great U.S. 50 Yard Sale for specific locations, 
please click the appropriate link:  
For additional exposure, list your garage sale for free at


 Sacramento County

El Dorado County
Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority
PO Box 5878, Stateline, NV 89449
Phone (775) 588-5900


 Douglas County

 Carson City

 Lyon County

Bread of Life Christian Fellowship
Becky Melendez
10042 Hwy 50 East
Moundhouse, NV 89706
We are having a Yard Sale, Carnival and a Health and Safety Fair. 
We will be having a Bounce House for the children, 
Food, Games and a Fun time.

Email:  or call (775)-220-9696
For yard sale booth: Call (775) 246-9997
For Health and Safety Fair: email: 

Mandy Piper
Silver Springs Area Chamber of Commerce
fax: 775-577-4399


 Churchill County

   Lander County

 Eureka County
Patty Bice
Eureka County Economic Development Program
P.O. Box 753, Eureka, NV 89316
 Tel: (775)237-5484, Fax (775) 237-5175
Email econdev@eurekanv.org

Sale will be Saturday May 16, 2015 8AM - 3PM 
along Hwy 50 in front of the Courthouse.

White Pine County
Evie Pinneo
Chief Executive Officer
White Pine Chamber of Commerce
636 Aultman Street
Ely, NV 89301


 Millard County

 Sevier County

 Emery County

 Grand County

 Mesa County

 Delta County

Montrose County

 Gunnison County

 Chaffee County

Salida Business Alliance is having a garage sale at Collegiate Peaks Bank
Vickie Sue Vigil at the Mountain Mail, 539-660
Donated items can be dropped off at Collegiate Peaks Bank 
on Friday, May 15th from 5 to 7 pm, or Saturday, May 16 at 7am

Town of Poncha Springs
Diana Heeney
Clerk/Treasurer -
Phone 719-539-6882
E-mail clerk@ponchaspringscolorado.us

The Town of Poncha Springs will be participating..
The sale will be held Saturday, May 16, at Chipeta Park
 in conjunction with our annual clean-up day, Arbor Day.
It is a community wide sale and is advertised as such.
8 am to 12 noon

Our Highway 50 yard sale is held in conjunction with the Towns annual clean-up day.
We also hold our Arbor Day tree planting on this day.
Free lunch served in Chipeta Park by Cross Roads Church

Town of Maysville, CO
South Arkansas Landowners Association
Yard Sale at the Red Schoolhouse in Maysville
Right on the South side of Highway 50
Plenty of safe parking off of the highway - kid and pet friendly!
Lodging available - just ask!

You may miss Maysville but you can't miss the Red Schoolhouse!
All proceeds go the the restoration project.

We have GOOD STUFF - Clothing for work and play, Camping, Sports, Hunting.
Furniture, Household, Kitchen. If you want it we'll go home and get it!
For information contact:  Michael Meyer
Facebook: www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001533914806
E-Mail maysvilleco@gmail.com

 Fremont County 

Town of Cotopaxi
Catherine L. Bland
Fax:  719-942-3072



DEPOT PARK at 9th & HWY 50 
the spaces are limited and are available  beginning March 20th 

IN ADDITION TO YARD SALE,.....STOP BY and enjoy other weekend activities which will be posted as they are being planned: 
the ROYAL GORGE BRIDGE AND PARK WILL BE OPENED featuring the amazing  "suspended" bridge over the Arkansas!
CONTACT: DEE STUBBS for Hwy 50 Yard Sale  719-275-6482  after March 20, 2014  
OR EMAIL:  deespace2001@yahoo.com 

North of Jerry Murphy Blvd just off Highway 50 ( Canon   City  exit east) - 
The University Park Neighborhood will be participating 
in the Cost to Coast Yard Sale.  
There will be signs posted along the route showing individual homes 
participating in this special event.  
There will items from soup to nuts, small items and large items.  
Kids will be selling coffee and donuts, 
there will be food stands and Penelope will be present 
to answer questions as well.  
This neighborhood consist of approximately 400 homes.  
Contact Linda Neff (712) 543.1687 <marlin4952@hotmail.com
for further information.

 Presbyterian Women of Penrose Colorado (PWPC) 
will participate in the great Highway 50 Yardsale indoors this year.
The wind wins!  Come on down to the basement!  
Our event will take place at
Kirkwood Memorial Presbyterian Church 
at 5th and Grant in downtown
Penrose, CO.
on Friday May 15th & Saturday May 16th from 9 am to 4 pm. (Church is at 10:30 on Sunday) 
This will be our 3rd year participating in the Highway 50 Yard Sale.  
The proceeds will be used to support the many church functions. 

Contact Kathy Eshelman (719-372-3830)   penroseprez@bresnan.net

Town of Howard
7778 US Highway50

Items for sale (Antiques):
2 oriental rugs, commercial cook stove, cupboard with flour dispenser, 
shoes & purses from the 40's, lamps, Weller vase, 
also machinist tools with tool box, household goods and free items.
For more information contact:
Kathleen Hulsey kathleenhulsey@earthlink.net
Phone: 719-942-3447

Pueblo County

The Pueblo Chieftain will play host to
The Great U.S. HWY 50 YARD SALE
as it rolls through Pueblo, Colorado.

Come to The Pueblo Chieftain Garage MaHaul on
Saturday, May 16, 2015 from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Sunday, May 17, 2015 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
The Colorado State Fair Grounds, Palace of Agriculture
Contact 719-542-0000 to reserve your booth today!

For the households participating in The Great U.S. HWY 50 Yard Sale,
The Pueblo Chieftain has a Garage Sale ad special just for you!
Your ad will included on the citywide garage sale map and will include a  complimentary graphic 
for everyone participating in this nationwide event!
Contact 719-542-0000 to place your ad today. 

Kristi Lauer
Inside Sales Manager | The Pueblo Chieftain
email: klauer@chieftain.com

Otero County

Bent County

 Prowers County


Hamilton County

Community of Riverside
Gilday Recreational Complex

3450 Southside Ave
(at River Rd), Cincinnati, OH 45204

Saturday, May 16, 8a-3p
Many vendors, lots of stuff!
Contact for booth info: Pam Zelman, 513-382-6195

 Kearny County

 Finney County

Gray County

Norma Immroth
County Coordinator
Cimarron, KS
Telephone: 620-855-2382
Email: speedtype@yahoo.com

 Ford County

 Edwards County

 Stafford County

 Reno County

 Harvey County

Marion County

Chase County

 Lyon County

 Coffey County

 Osage County

 Franklin County

 Miami County

 Johnson County


 Jackson County

 Johnson County

 Pettis County

Sedalia, Mo 
will have vendors for the US 50 yard sale Friday through Sunday.
The historic Katy Depot, 600 E. Third St. has spaces. 
Shop from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. 
Directions, 3 blocks north of 50 at Hancock Ave. 
Off-street parking is available.

For more information, contact
Deb Biermann

Historic downtown on Main Street, just a few blocks north of 50 Highway
Several locations on Ohio Avenue 
State Fairgrounds, just south of 50 Highway on 65 Highway
Golden Antiques 2513 E Broadway (which is 50 Highway)
Stop and Shop Flea Market 
6125 Highway 50, one mile east of Sedalia city limits

For more information, contact

Toby Dorr <tobydorr@gmail.com

 Morgan County

 Moniteau County

 Cole County

 Osage County

 Gasconade County

Franklin County
 St. Louis County


 St. Clair County
Joe Zimmerlee
 City of Lebanon Chamber of Commerce
10th Year Anniversary to a Citywide Spring Yard Sale
221 W. St. Louis St.
Lebanon, IL  62254
Tel:  618-537-8420
Email:  zim2006@sbcglobal.net

 Clinton County

 Marion County

The Village of Odin will hold their community-wide yard sale on May 16 
in conjunction with the Route 50 Coast to Coast Yard Sale.

Ruth Uhls at (618)-775-8401 or ruth1340@fairpoint.net

  Individual yard sales/vendor fair will be held on the property of Lincoln Trail Antiques.
Lincoln Trail Antiques is conveniently located on Route 50.
Spaces are available for rent @ only $10.00 for each 10 ft, accommodating an 8' table.
 Vendors/sellers must provide their own tables.  Easily access to load/unload. 

An old fashioned ice cream social will also be held on the above property
from noon until we sell out., 
Biscuits and Gravy will be served for breakfast.  Sandwiches and other food items 
will be available throughout the remainder of the day.

Sponsored by the Odin Renewal/Development Council. 

"RUTH UHLS" <Ruth1340@fairpoint.net>

Odin is a small town, but we had 35 vendors at this event last year.  
A registration form is available by contacting Ruth Uhls or Lincoln Trail Antiques, 775-8255.

 Clay County

Richland County

Rene Bennett 
US 50 yard sale county coordinator

Time is running out but we can still put together some sales along US 50 or Old Route 50.  
If you have a yard, parking lot, building, or an unused field, you can rent out a booth space.
if you have 1 or 100's of spaces available please contact me.
You are in control of the terms of usage of your land.

If you have items to sell, or a business or organization to promote and 
would like to find space to fit your needs,
Please email me and I will get back to you within 24 hours.  
Please put "US 50 Yard Sale" in the subject.

 Lawrence County

Paula L. McKim
Administrative Assistant
Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce
619 12th St
Lawrenceville, IL 62439
Phone- 618-943-3516 
Fax 618-943-4748


Knox County
Shyla Beam - Executive Director
Vincennes/Knox County Visitors & Tourism Bureau
779 South 6th Street Road
Vincennes, IN 47591
Phone: 812-886-0400
Phone: 800-886-6443

Daviess County &  Martin County

Sara Hornback
Washington Times-Herald
102 E. Van Trees Street
Washington, IN 47501
812-254-0480 Ext. 111

In collaboration with the US 50 Yard Sale, 
Daviess County will be having the Rail Fest on Main Street & Depot Street in Washington, 
Heartbeat of Washington Battle of the Bands and Vendor Fair on Main Street 
and Wool Fiber Arts Fair at the Conservation Club in Washington.

**Washington Times Herald is offering special advertising for US 50 Yard Sale Participants**
Space Available - Decker's Bakery, corner of U.S. 50 and SW 2nd ST.
Decker's Bakery is willing to let people set up on their lot.

                         Angle Inn in Washington will have approx. 10 spaces available for people to
                                   set up booths. The address is 710 W. Natl. Hwy 50.

                          Yoder’s Automotive, Corner of US 50 and SW 2nd St, east side of parking lot.

Lawrence County

David L. Branneman
Executive Director
Lawrence County Tourism Commission
533 W. Main St.
Mitchell, IN 47446
Phone: 812-849-1090  Cell: 812-583-1081
800-798-0769 Fax: 812-849-0168


Contact:  Beck Allen
1749 US HWY 50 E
Tel.: 1-812-277-0283

 Jackson County

Jane Hays
Jackson County Visitor Center
100 N. Broadway Street
Seymour, IN 47274
Phone 1-812-524-1914
Toll free 1-888-524-1914
Fax 1-812-524-1915
E-mail: jane@jacksoncountyin.com

Brownstown Lions Club, Brownstown, IN
has has FISH FRY in conjunction with the US 50 yard sale
We are at the Jackson County Court House Square, 
at approx.  92.7 mile marker
John Wm. Spurgeon, Sec.
Email: john@jcia40.net

Jennings County
Jennings County Visitors Denter
375 N Hwy 3&7
North Vernon, IN 47265
Tel: 1-812-346-4865
Tel: 1-800-928-3667

Rockey Top Truck Stop - 100 Space available 
six miles west of North Vernon
Tel: 1-812-346-9909

 Ripley County
Katherine Taul (Exec. Dir)
Ripley County Tourist Bureau
220 East U.S. 50, P.O. Box 21
Versailles, IN 47042
Tel: 1-812-689-7431
Toll Free: 1-888-747-5394
e-mail <rctb@ripleycountytourism.com

 Dearborn County


 Hamilton County

Community of Riverside
Gilday Recreational Complex
3450 Southside Ave
(at River Rd)
Cincinnati, OH 45204

North Bend
Buckeye Trading Post will be participating
Contact: Shannon Vinson

Clermont County
City of Milford - City-Wide Yard Sales
Susan Ellerhorst, Assistant to City Manager
745 Center Street, Suite 200
Milford, OH 45150
Phone: 1-513-831-4192
Fax: 1-513-248-5096

 Brown County

Highland County

Kim Abbott
Economic Development Coordinator​
City of Hillsboro
130 North High Street
Hillsboro, Ohio  45133
(937) 393-5219
(937) 393-0516
(937) 403-2425


 Ross County

David Seitz
Ross County Coordinator
First Capital Enterprises

Vinton County

Sojourners is a nonprofit youth development organization.
We will hold a yard sale on Friday, 16 and Saturday , 16  May
 on our campus at 605 West Main Street in McArthur, OH on US Route 50.
We will sell lots of collectibles, dolls, comic books, wrestling cards, 
candles and candle holders, party supplies, and wrapping paper.

Shelly Horvath
Director of Communications
Email shellyhorvath@yahoo.com

Americorps*VISTA - ReUse Industries
Emily Camm
Volunteer Coordinator

740-698-8200 ext 15

Athens County

Mike Kubisek  
2731 Lottridge Road
Guysville, OH 45735  
Phone:740 818-5243
Email mikekubisek@live.com

Washington County
Marietta/Washington County CVB
121 Putnam Stree, Suite 110
Marietta, OH 45750

Belpre OHIO 
SATURDAY, MAY 16 9 A.M.-2 P.M.
Howe's Grove Park, 
12x12 space $10
Info. and registration online a
or call 423-8934


 Wood County

Mrs Carol Tracewell
Telephone: 1-304-422-4843
e-mail:  born2bdixie@yahoo.com
Check this Blog:  http://us50woodcowv.blogspot.com/

Ritchie County

Historic Post Office and
Bank of Cairo
Cairo, Old Post Office Sign

Main Street
Cairo , WV 26337
304-628-3777 / 888-379-7873
e-mail: rctourism@zoominternet.net

 Doddridge County
Saturday, May 16
at the Doddridge County Center for Children and Families. 
It is located on Old Route 50, approximately 1 mile on the Right from the Smithburg Exit
Melody Glasscock
e-mail: vistamelody@yahoo.com 
Phone Number: (304) 873-1149 work  or (304) 904-2316 cell

We will be renting space to vendors. If anyone is interested, the deadline to rent limited INDOOR space is Friday, May 8, 2015. Outdoor space is also available to rent up to the day of the event.   
Vendors may set up on Friday, May 15, 2015. 
Food will be sold by the Doddridge County Family Resource Network the day of the event.

 Harrison County

Taylor County
Olive Dadisman
3576 Webster Pike
Grafton, WV 26354

e-mail: ajhouse26354@yahoo.com

 Preston County
Carol Castle - Space Available 
Rt. 1 Box 1196
Rowlesburg, WV 26425

phone  304-454-9744
Located on Rt. 50 about 10 miles west of Aurora and  4 miles east of
Cool Springs Park or 26 miles east of Grafton near the Cheat River Bridge.

 Grant County

 Mineral County

Linda & Frank Roleff 
Mineral County Historical Foundation

Historic Old Stone House
"Traveller's Rest"
near Burlington, WV on Rt. 50 (large parking lot)

 Hampshire County

Michelle Blumhagen
Hampshire County Convention & Visitors Bureau
426 E Main St,  Romney WV 26757

Phone: 1-304 822 7477
email hampshirevisitorsbureau@citlink.net


 Frederick County

 Clarke County

 Fauquier County

 Loudoun County

Rosanna Funiciello Smith
Bella Villa - Furnishings & Accessories

"Treasurers on the Turnpike"

39478 John Mosby Hwy (Rt 50), Aldie, VA 20115
Telephone: (703) 327-5313

 Fairfax County

District of Columbia

Lorrain Z. Cooper


 Garrett County
Jonni Hunt
Garrett County Chamber of Commerce
14 Visitors Cent Drive
McHenry, MD 21541
Phone: 1-301-387-4286
e-mail: info@GarrettChamber.com 

Prince Georges County

Anne Arundel County

 Queen Anne's County &  Talbot County

Wye Mills
Chesapeake College
US 50 @ Rt. 213
Saturday only, 8:00 AM-12:00
Contact: Becky Fauver
email: rfauver@chesapeake.edu

 Dorchester County

 Wicomico County

Saturday & Sunday 
Weekend flea market held in a large city parking lot at the
corner of Rt. 13 & Rt. 50 in Downtown Salisbury, Maryland. 
Spaces are $10 a day, mention the Rt. 50 Yard Sale and get a space for $5
Please bring your own table.
I have been there.  Great Place!

Michael Day
Salisbury, MD
Phone 1-410-603-3930
We have a Web site   www.parkandflea.com

 Worcester County

click here

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